Hello. I am Ernest Burley, Jr., your author. I am very pleased and excited that you decided to order my book(s) and take the first steps towards proper money management. This may be one of the biggest and most important steps you will take in your life! This step can have far-reaching benefits - from you to your children and beyond.

You will likely touch the lives of others who need this knowledge, this information, and these principles - parents, friends, children, coworkers, relatives, businesses, churches, couples, spouses, singles, young adults, seniors, etc.

I wrote these books because I know people want to do better with their money and people want their children to have a better future by learning good money management principles. I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and a Chartered Financial Consultant® who has over twenty years of experience helping people in the insurance and financial services arena

My books, "Money Management: Easy as 1, 2, 3" and "Money Management: From Grade School to Grad School," are designed to give you easy steps to financial success. The steps are not complicated, so each book is easy to read.


"Money Management: Easy as 1, 2, 3" focuses on some basic concepts to help put you on the right path with your money. Implementing the tools in this book will help to enable you to properly manage your money and escape the feeling of drowning that so many people have about their finances.

"Money Management: From Grade School to Grad School" focuses on teaching children, teens, and young adults money management principles so they can grow into financially responsible adults. It's better to start early. The lessons in this book may be the most important lessons your children will learn.

I'm here to make money management clear, simple, and easy to understand for all. I want you and your children to achieve "financial success." Financial success involves properly managing money and living a life you can afford coupled with a life you desire.

These books are for the entire family. These books are for you.




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